Email communication between Council Member Tom Strobehn and Mayor Thornton

When a person only shows one side or only tells part of the story it creates a narrative that they try to control. It seems in today’s world it is going on everywhere including the City of La Center. Mayor Greg Thornton posted excerpts of an email exchange between him and me on the city’s website.

The issue is, he only posted a portion of it. I requested the city to post the email exchange in its entirety but they have yet to do so. So I threw a cheap website together and posted the email in full. As I told the Mayor I wasn’t looking to create a narrative, I am looking for transparency.

Let the readers decide how they interpret it, but let them do in with a complete picture. As you read it you will see my own flaws (grammar probably not so great) and even a mistake I made on my response to Bob Richardson (he stated the council directed him and Jeff to get pricing, instead I was thinking it was back when they were awarded the Police study contract). But you will see it all, which is the point.

My email and cell number are on my city business cards for a reason and I always encourage people to reach out for discussion.

Tom Strobehn
La Center City Council
Position #4

Second email exchange with Mayor Thornton and Interim Chief of Police Bob Richardson